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Pre-owned opportunities by Sanlorenzo

Thanks to the ten-year experience of our team, we select the best of the Experienced Pre-owned Yacht opportunities by Sanlorenzo: unique yachts, which are characterized by timeless shapes, styles and languages, always above fashion. Nothing is like your Sanlorenzo yacht. Not even another Sanlorenzo. We work together with our owners to create a perfectly customized object for their lifestyle and navigation.
It is possible to choose between different models available and take advantage of a qualified support from Feat Yachts during each phase of the negotiation.

Sanlorenzo SD 112/65

An imposing model in terms of interior spaciousness and overall dimensions, in fiberglass with semi-displacement hull of 38 meters with 4 decks, her profile evokes the harmony and elegance typical of Sanlorenzo’s tradition with elements recalling the great transatlantic liners of the 30s.

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Sanlorenzo SD 126/76

In keeping with the best Sanlorenzo tradition, SD126 combines the best technology available with the most sophisticated craftsmanship.

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Sanlorenzo SL 102/A 746

Asymmetric like nature, like the human body, like a house.
For an advanced approach to livable spaces, use and enjoyment of the sea, SL102 Asymmetric rethinks the well-established layout of a yacht, allowing through this asymmetrical configuration never experienced before, to recover about 10 square meters of area to benefit the interior. SL102A is the result of Sanlorenzo's attitude to work on the concept of space, shaping it every time as he likes, to give life to proposals tailored to the wishes of customers.

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Sanlorenzo SL 96/A

Asymmetric rethinks the conventional layout of a yacht, and revises traditional onboard balances, offering not just volumes previously set aside for other functions, but also and above all new living scenarios, new vantage points capable of intensifying and encouraging that innate visual, physical and emotional bond that exists between human beings and the sea.

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